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Grannyism #74: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

21 Feb

Hello friends! I’m feeling inspired (and slightly guilty about my lack of blog activity) so I figure it’s time for a long overdue update. I’ve got lots of news to share, but want to preface it with wise words from the cap of my tea today:


Although this is easier said than done sometimes, especially for me.

In line with this theme, I am focusing on being more relaxed and not letting people, situations and circumstances get the best of me. I know if I  achieve that goal, I will be a much happier and healthier person. I’m taking baby steps for now, like not letting Austin’s rush-hour traffic ruin my morning or not getting caught up in trivial gossip among friends. My hope is that practicing this kind of thinking will lead me to dealing with bigger-picture things in my life with the same maturity and finesse.

So, onto the bigger-picture things happening in my life – the most important being my mother’s fight against cancer. I’m excited to share that Abha graduated from radiation, hoorah! After 21 back-to-back radiation sessions, Abha was showered with confetti and sent on her way with high hopes from the team.


Abha was re-scanned after completion of radiation treatment and the doctors shared the results with our family. One of the tumors being treated with radiation (on her thoracic spine) was GONE, completely!! The other large tumor near her lumbar is still in tact, but it has shrunk and will hopefully continue to shrink. Overall, her scans show the masses decreasing in size and the doctors continue to praise Abha as a “star patient” and are hopeful that her future chemotherapy treatments will continue to destroy the lymphoma. Hip Hip Hooray!

As Abha’s health improves, I have been able to pursue things in my personal life a little more. I’m happy to share more good news: Today I was offered an internship as a copywriter for a relocation company called UrbanBound. I am beyond excited! Although I’ll still have to work in the service industry in the meantime, I feel like I am on my way to a solid career in writing and PR. Gotta pay the bills though, right? And in true GIRLS fashion, the first project I’m working on for my new internship is an eBook that will serve as somewhat of a guide to Austin for employees that are relocated here for work. I won’t be working at Grumpy’s Cafe any time soon, or at any coffee shop really, but it looks like I’ll be joining the employee ranks of Austin Country Club to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

So those are the current happenings in my life and I will leave you with a picture of the fur-babies in honor of national pet appreciation day. I am so thankful for the amazing day I had today and look forward to a just as bright tomorrow! Cheers friends.

kitties             doodle

“I think that I may be the voice of my generation…”

1 Feb

“…or at least a voice. of a generation.”

I’m sorry, I can’t stop quoting HBO’s GIRLS. I am just so tickled by half of the lines in the script I can’t help but regurgitate them on a regular basis. Anyway, I know I’m probably not the voice of my generation, but I did come across something the other day on South Congress that was so positive, inspiring and hopeful, yet so basic.


A hand-crafted flyer taped on the handrail along South Congress that read “LOVE (take as much as you need) STR8 :)” with a line of tear-away slips of paper that read “Love.” So simple and unassuming, yet bold and powerful nonetheless. A hand-written sign and a voice all the same.

I was so touched by this small act of kindness! It really did lift the spirits of myself and my lunch company. I figured that since Libby and I took some love that afternoon on SOCO, I could take 10 minutes and make my own “Love” flyer to put up somewhere around town and spread some love and positivity to unsuspecting passerbys. Who knows, maybe my love could brighten someone else’s day like it did mine.

lovegreen  signs

I made a few, and stored them in my car for when I stumbled upon the perfect spot to spread some love. I met my good friend Sarah at Austin High to run the loop on Tuesday and decided this would be as good a place as any. I found a handrail near the Mopac bridge and taped my own love flyer for joggers, bikers, dog walkers, friends, lovers, moms and dads, kids and everyone in between to enjoy.


“All Adventurous Women Do…”

31 Jan

Have HPV? Alright, that might be a bit of an overstatement Hannah Horvath. But live life, take chances? That seems more reasonable. I spent my weekend in the wonderful world of GIRLS, laughing and crying right alongside Hannah and the other GIRLS, drinking wine with friends to face life’s hardships and snuggling with my wonderful pets to feel that unconditional love we all crave (except Marnie of course).


So GIRLS – I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve heard about or seen this show because it is a testament to my life right now, and all of the other 20-something-year-olds trying to figure out what the fuck to do next. I find my life unsurprisingly paralleling Hannah’s – an only child, post-graduate yet to begin a career, trying to get comfortable in her own skin, forming new relationships, closing doors and opening others. I love it! On the occasional evening that I’m feeling down about where my life is at, I crawl into bed, queue up an episode of GIRLS and let Hannah Horvath’s awkwardness overshadow my own and laugh all my insecurities away.


That being said, I am actually very content with where my life is at right now. Despite the roller coaster that is Cancer, things seem to be moving in a more positive direction. I’m on a new health kick that involves improving my diet, cutting back on booze, getting out for a run a few times a week and a new obsession with BSY Power Yoga.

And even Cancer seems to be cutting us some slack now. We are coming up on the weekend and with it the end of radiation and chemotherapy. After weeks of treatments and appointments I am very pleased to report that her doctors consider Abha to be a “star patient” and are very happy with her progress. In fact, I am coming to you courtesy of the Infusion Room at Texas Oncology Center. We are on day two of Abha’s second Chemotherapy treatment and everything is going smoothly. I’ve been told so many tales of nausea, fever, vomiting and general horror concerning Chemo treatments that I was quite nervous about how Abha would react. We were surprised (quite pleasantly) that she tolerated the drugs with hardly any side effects, save for extreme fatigue. Even better, today is a short treatment so we should get to head home by early afternoon.

So here’s an interesting factoid I didn’t know before we started the fight against Cancer – every treatment is different for every patient. I know this sounds very “Duh!” but ignorance is bliss, right? Don’t judge me for lack of common sense, but I just assumed that all chemotherapy involved the same drugs, but with different dosage, frequency of treatment, etc. However, I have come to find that the drugs themselves also vary from person to person, and I had kind of an “A ha!” moment. So after the recent introduction to cancer and subsequent bumpy road, it feels good for everyone in the family (Abha especially) to get even a small break.

Although this will probably just sound like medical jargon (it still does to me too) but in case anyone is wondering what drugs Abha receives for her chemo treatments, on the first day she receives both Rituximab and Bendamustine (this combo treatment takes anywhere from 6 – 7 hours) and on the second day, she receives just Bendamustine (usually takes between 2 – 3 hours). To break it down – the Rituximab is used to treat diseases characterized by excessive, overactive or dysfunctional B-cells (see lymphomas) and the Bendamustine is an alkylating agent used to treat indolent-B-cell-non-Hodgkins lymphoma (thus the type of cancer Abha has). Anyway – this chemotherapy flew by and we’re heading home by noon. So to wrap it up, I’ll leave you with Abha, always the best sport about everything – chillin’ in the infusion room.



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